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The e-Village

When the BPO revolution started in India in the late 90's, not many people thought that rural India, which lacks basic amenities like drinking water, road connectivity and electricity, would ever be able to handle outsourced back office work. However, a decade since then, state governments especially in South India, are seen to be aggressively promoting the rural BPO concept not just as an employment generation mechanism, but as a means to groom the BPO ecosystem. Booming software exports from India have led to skyrocketing real estate and infrastructure costs in Tier-1 cities. The BPO industry has thrived all these years because of its ability to deliver quality services at a low cost. Increasing infrastructure costs, real estate costs, and salaries have raised BPO costs significantly and as a result Indian BPOs in Tier-1 cities are looking at Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities for their operations; DOCTUS is going much beyond this and is looking at the Tier-5 level. DOCTUS is an entrepreneurial company with a vision to bring rural India into the mainstream of knowledge economy which has great opportunity for the deserving people through the Rural BPOs, adding value to the economic status of the educated rural population. Rural BPO concept might not be new but what we are trying to do is to create huge employment opportunities for socially backward classes, school and college drop-outs and graduates who lack job opportunities in their areas, given their levels of skills and knowledge. If we can provide urban opportunities in rural areas, it would be a win-win situation for one and all which minimize migration of educated rural population to cities.

Livelihood opportunities in the villages will help in improved economic living and the rural youth to work totally in villages.
    Employment to qualified/eligible rural youth and gives a chance to improve their skills and knowledge.
    Creation of right kind of jobs for the available skills and knowledge in villages.
    Secured income in the rural areas and meeting basic needs of rural youth.
    Improves economic growth by providing direct and indirect jobs.
    Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Rural empowerment and self-sufficiency.
    Employment to educated housewives and adding value to their monthly income and quality of living.
    Reduction of the brain-drain effect with development of villages.
    Improves living conditions, and promotes literacy among the rural youth.
    Rural BPO centres provide a ray of hope to villages, for additional source income.
    Contributes to infrastructure development and RURAL BRAIN GAIN FOR VILLAGES TO SHINE

In today's world, the lack of employment opportunities is having a tremendous impact on the people from villages, forcing them migrate to cities.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centres are no more the forte of urban India alone. Rural BPOs offer substantial opportunities to minimize costs and gain competitive advantage if managed correctly. We need to be aware of the advantages, disadvantages, pitfalls and procedures for building successful BPO enterprises.

The vision of DOCTUS is to encourage rural India's move into the knowledge economy by introducing rural youth to BPO opportunities and providing gainful employment to them in their own villages, which we term "Brain Gain" instead of brain drain to cities from villages.

Our mission is to create BPO centres in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh in the coming years and offering employment to 5000 rural youth.

DOCTUS has the required processes and technology for the rural BPOs. We are a team of professionals with multifaceted skills and experience in varied domains with proven knowledge and skills in Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services business.
DOCTUS Rural BPO centre was established in Andhra Pradesh in early 2007 at Kavur village in Guntur District.

Doctus' mission through the e-village is to directly impact rural micro-economies in India so as to create robust and thriving satellite economies around cities and thus first help arrest migration from the villages to cities and subsequently to drive reverse migration from the cities into these villages.

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DOCTUS provides solutions in technology and business process outsourcing. By engaging our services, clients derive superior cost savings.


    Online & Offline Data Entry.
    Data Entry of Directory.
    Image Data Entry.
    Data Entry of Book.
    Data Capture.
    Data Extraction.
    Questionnaire Data Entry.
    Business Surveys data entry.
    Data Entry on Invoice Forms.
    Database Entry.
    Insurance Claims Data Entry.
    Enrollment Forms Data Entry.


The e-Village is an effort towards realizing and expanding the flat world metaphor. The value proposition that Doctus offers to its clients through the Hub and spoke model stems from various centers (or spokes) in the e-Village. The e-Village is a coterie of processing centers located in rural India - all delivering services and products from villages across the state. Needless to add - this model of delivery provides the ability to deliver quality and quantity at reduced cost consistently, using technology to bridge the great digital divide.

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Thanks to the e-Village initiative, a village in India now has three-phase electric power. A village that hitherto only admired computers in the movies, now has access to not only computers but also the Internet. Our mission is to directly impact rural micro-economies in Andhra Pradesh so as to create robust and thriving satellite economies around cities and thus first help curb migration of people from the villages to cities and then to drive economic growth in the villages through reverse migration. One of the very first such e-Village centres was opened in Kavur in Guntur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.


As the Indian domestic market expands to semi-urban and rural markets, we are able to offer prospective clients a cost effective and culturally specific back-end platform to service customers.

Significant cost savings as compared to the fully loaded costs of a metro based centre. Total information protection through adoption of security standards. Real Time Communication and round the clock accessibility. Flexible workforce at competitive rates with no compromise on quality and turnaround time. Higher savings rate for the employees, as they are not displaced from their homes. Concept of "Reverse Migration" i.e. "BRAIN GAIN - NO BRAIN DRAIN", where talented and educated rural youth will stay and may return to their Village. Sophisticated governance structure to ensure high quality service delivery. Our employees are experienced and excel in domain expertise.

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