The Doctus group’s journey began more than 15 years ago as a BPO for the Healthcare Industry Services provided included outsourced processes across clinical data management, healthcare documentation, digital publishing and IT development

Today the Doctus group, made up of Doctus Software Solutions, Doctus BPO, Tech O2, Max Medical Systems and Doctus Managed IT Services is the segment leader in medical records summarization, insurance claims processing, data management, Managed IT Services and Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.

Today it has grown to 350 + employees with 75+ clients Doctus is committed to people and process excellence.


Business Enabler : In the current scenario, IT is looked at as a Business enabler to support growth. Business requirements are rapidly changing and expecting an Agile IT for faster go to market.

Technology Changes : The IT scenario is complex and changing rapidly and the erstwhile investments are not able to scale up rapidly to the business requirement. CIO/CTO’s are finding it difficult to manage on their own, along with their business responsibilities.

IT is excepted to improve Business KPI and address Business criticality.

Process availability compared to IT availability is a key concern Cost of Delivery / Support is constantly under monitoring and a huge pressure from top management to reduce cost.

Business SLA based has become the norms for IT SLA.

Trend specific SLA: SLA and pricing based on business scenario's.

Collaboration and Virtual Offices: Virtual offices and multiple mobile devices for accessing application and increased need for collaboration.


Information Security a key concern


Clients continue to focus on core business: Doctus can design, implement and manage your IT Infrastructure. – Outsource IT management to certified and experienced subject matter experts

Remote Infrastructure Management / Hybrid Model : Gartner estimates that "70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed, from a remote location" and "remote infrastructure services can reduce labor costs by 10% to 50%,depending on the delivery location, resulting in a 3% to 30% overall net savings, excluding one-time transition charges.“

Remote model : CIO will have time for Strategic Planning for business.

24x7 / 8x5 proactive monitoring : Will improve Infrastructure and Application Availability.

New technology adoption as per the business requirement can be faster with subject matter experts from Doctus.

IT is no more a cost center !!! IT can be charged back to various department to optimize cost.


  • Standardize the Infrastructure
  • Standardize the Process
  • Analyize
  • Optimize - Manpower, Infrastructure
  • Agile IT


  • 20+ clients in India and US in a short span of 4 years
  • Support across multiple locations for customers.
  • Remote Infrastructure Management center in Hyderabad and offers Hybrid Model to provide cost efficiency to customers
  • Expertise across various domains – End User, Data Center components, Server, Storage, Security, Communication etc.
  • Expertise across various technologies
  • Over 50+ in-house technical specialists and extended partner network
  • Delivering excellent service levels
  • In the process of certification of BS 15000 / ISO20000 for RIM facility.