Data Management


The Early Years

Doctus offers end to end Data Entry and Conversion services, from the simplest to the most complex. We use the latest tools to help customers with huge volumes of data and information processing. We undertake indexing and digitization projects to make our data services truly comprehensive. We currently process one billion data forms annually.
Our teams are made up of data management experts with in-depth understand of a wide variety of forms and formats, and invoicing and accounting fields. The workflow builds in multiple levels of quality check and validation to ensure accuracy and consistency in every aspect of our deliverable. We are proud to have earned a reputation for accuracy and quick turnaround time among our extremely large client base.

Data Processing

We undertake data entry work for all verticals, from freight and transport bills to invoicing and electoral databases.

Insurance Claims Processing

Please see our Insurance and Healthcare services for details of our services


Based on your requirements, we capture key data elements from the images for indexing. These elements are then indexed as per your attribute categorization. You can search and view indexed images using our proprietary web application, or you can integrate our index file with your own storage/retrieval system.


We offer digitization services for your records in any format. Integrated with our data entry and indexing services, you can future-proof your archival records by turning it into a powerful database. A good example is a cemetery project where we have digitized the entire information system, from printed documents and calligraphy to layout and allocation information, burial area management, and planting rules and made the whole system available online.